Monsanto, and GMO Terminator Cannabis

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7 Responses

  1. Very thorough article. craziness. what seed breeders who only release feminized seeds?

  2. Jessica Armstrong says:

    GMO pot is what CA will get if it passes the “regulate like wine” initiative….
    legal analysis here…
    “Any initiative that allows the legal cultivation of marijuana must include an express ban on GMO cannabis cultivation to be effective.
    Marijuana is illegal to grow in California except as allowed by law. The Herer initiative, by defining in its provisions that “marijuana,” whose legal cultivation it allows, is only non-GMO cannabis, makes it illegal to grow anything BUT non-GMO cannabis.
    In contrast, the Kubby initiative adopts a definition that requires voters to look up other code sections — already less than helpful in terms of informing voters what they are getting. This is an unnecessarily confusing provision; but that’s not the only problem.
    The “Regualte MArijuana Like Wine” initiative adopts the definition of “marijuana and THC” “as they are presently set forth in Health and Safety Code Sections 11018 and 11006.5,” and then adds that “those definitions shall be broadly interpreted to include the species Cannabis Indica, Ruderalis, and Americana, as well as any plant part, derivative, interspecies hybrids or cross-breeds, and all non-genetically-modified strains of the Cannabis genus and plant.”
    First problem, regardless of those code sections: the Kubby initiative definition of “marijuana” — the plant that one can only grow legally as it is defined by law — no longer includes “genetically-modified strains of the Cannabis genus and plant.” It takes “genetically-modified strains of the Cannabis genus and plant” out of the definition of “marijuana.” Get it?
    To put it another way, “genetically-modified strains of the Cannabis genus and plant” are no longer “marijuana”; they are “genetically-modified strains of the Cannabis genus and plant.” They are a new organism.
    And Kubby’s initiative will allow fields of GMO cannabis to pollute the genetic lines of all natural, whole herb cannabis all over California. Don’t think Big Pharma and biotech companies like Monsanto, working together, won’t buy up land in Humboldt and Mendocino Counties and start work on that project right away? Guess again!”

  3. Rene says:

    this is insidious, and may be the reasons for not allowing Afghanistan to resume growing pot again instead of poppies. as their MJ was some of the best in the world. and yes, seeds had to be re-imported every few years from Afghan since plants would cross-breed with inferior & after a few years lose potency.

  4. madness says:

    Say NO NO NO to Monsanto!!!!!

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