270,000 Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto

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  1. Chelsea says:

    What can I do? I want to get involved! I live in Ontario.

  2. Jonathan says:

    My prayers are from my heart. And may God hear all of the cries that Monsanto has caused. May we be victorious in what was intended to be here for clean healthy life, and not greed and control.
    Rest comfortably, great hardworking farmers…The biggest power is on our side the creator himself. May he send out an army of Angels to be near all who partake in the cheer and manipulation of his creations, and may they remind our officials in their own way just what should be!
    Will some one please respond to my email with the court date for this hearing?

  3. April says:

    I understand and emphathize with the farmer’s and this movement, but honestly you are all not part of the starving masses that GMOs are trying to feed. Granted the world would be perfect if were could all grow what we need, but we can’t people are starving and dying fron hunger. I realize that Monsanto has made mistakes, but I don’t think that science is the bad guy here. I think is the greed of the people behind it that are the true problem, but for you to say that what they do as a company is BAD then you truly don’t understand the Science and ultimate purpose behind GMO. (Norman Borlaug)So don’t tell me to buy local, I do. And as a “starving student” I still do my part to help out my community. But you need to be realistic about what is possible for the rest of the world. It’s like telling people in third world parts Africa that they should use solar plans, when we don’t. We are one of the richest countries telling Africa not to use there own resource oil and we depend on it. Until you truly understand the science and what happens on a cellular level when GMO is ingested and there are several studies done on this, then stop judging the technology. It is really the fear of the different or new that upsets people and when they do not understand it they bash it. I get protecting what you have worked for and the organic farmers and seed harvestors sueing for that right, just please don’t pretend that is what is what the world needs… What the world needs is food, not more legal battles. I do wish you luck though in your quest. I am sure that you’ll win. I mean if Monsanto can patent life so can you. We’ve been making GMO in a sense since the begining of agrarian society, just reciently on a cellular level. Just remember your morals in this battle is it for the money, the principle, or the sake of food integrity.

  4. Jacqueline Langeveld says:

    I work for Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. We are one of the companies sueing Monsanto. Grow your own vegetables and herbs in your back yard, on your balcony or any place you can find. Buy organic heirloom and open-pollinated seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Saving the world, one seed at a time! http://www.southernexposure.com

  5. Gail Jones says:

    Government couldn’t get any more corrupt than it is.They’re all in bed with Monsanto,Dow,Bayer Etc.All the chemical and pharmaceutical Corps.That’s where the problem lies,it’s been going on for years,a sneaking,creeping evil…madmen (Haarp) have taken over the entire planet.Wildlife,crops,waterways…contaminated,
    dying, while diversions (hockey,football etc.)kept you busy.Why are you surprised?

  6. I just wrote a blog post recently about Joel Salatin from Polyface Farms in VA. he talks about this very thing in a seminar that I attended a week ago.

  7. Jean West Watanabe says:

    I don’t like bullies and am thrilled that the organic agricultural community is using the “We’re not gonna take it” attitude towards Monsanto and with the public’s continued support in buying organically and humanely, they just might win this battle! YAY!

  8. henrik says:

    I think that a counter claim against Monsanto should be lodged.They contaminate,since when does Anny form of contamination hold the high ground.We don’t want there seed.Force them to keep it to themselves and the conned that supports them,otherwise sue them and get them to clean up there mess.
    Containing there destruction can be imposable,but at least they should be held responsible.

  9. SAL says:

    While we’re at it, let’s boycott Facebook. I read recently that close to 40% of young people under 30 yrs. get their primary news feed off FB. When news is censored on FB or other media, as another commenter just related, that’s a huge deal. For ex., try to find news on the Tar Sands demonstration in DC right now. It should be all over the wires, but you have to seek it out.

    No wonder Monsanto gets away with murder. The media is not doing their job!

  10. SupportOrganic says:

    I am so happy to hear that farmers are standing up to big bully corporations such as Monsento. They try to make it seem like their for farmers rights and pro envirnoment when in reality behind that phony curtain lies a huge monster thats hungry for power and world domination to monopolize the food industry and strip the rights of the people to keep us ignorant about whats going on for profit. After watching the film Food Inc(which I feel is a film EVERYBODY should watch), I have decided to go organic and support my local farmer’s markets and to plant my own garden in the backyard to grow my own food. No way Im I giving these greedy bastard corporations any more money. Do your duty and pass this on. Lets fight these monsters and give our govt back to the people.

  11. Monsanto has been polluting our air, soil, water and bodies for at least 50 years. The root of the modern diseases such as the huge influx of cancers, heart diseases..these huge corperations are all in the same business. chemicals, for the land, or for the body. Lets get to the root, by grass movements such as the Organic seed growers assoc. Mexico has been invaded and has lost many of native grains such as amaranth and corn due to the polical pressure but on the govenment by Monsanto to allow genetically modified corn varities to be produced in the crib of native corn, the Valley Of Mexico.
    Buy Local, buy organic is the best statement we can make as consumers..stay away from Walmart and Costco!

  12. Rand says:

    Buy Organic and stop this madness, choose the winners with your own money.

  13. Albin Sang says:

    What a good news! No organization should really dictate on the food production and am sure Monsanto is praying for the day when all seeds are under their control. I say no. People should have control on what they grow and eat. You succeeded in the past in the past but now we can refuse the chemicals and the seeds and for once we sort you out. Let them answer these issues: 1 Genetic disposition 2. Complex unpredictable interactions 3. rearranged codes 4. Gene stacking 5. Nutritional problems 6 allergens 7 synthetic genes I hope they understand what I mean.

  14. Thanks Mark H. Of course you are right. But here is the problem. If I as an organic seed grower have my crops contaminated by Monsanto’s transgenic seed, history has taught farmers to be fearful that Monsanto will interpret this situation as that of my possessing their patented technology without having paid a royalty fee. Accordingly, I would therefore be fearful that if I were to file a lawsuit against Monsanto to recover damages for a ruined organic crop, they would retaliate and file a counter suit claiming patent infringement. Few farmers have the resources to defend themselves from a Monsanto patent infringement lawsuit and bankrupcy would be a likely outcome. Of course this situation is grossly unjust. And that is why part of our lawsuit challenging Monsanto’s transgenic patents seeks protection from the court for family farmers who against their wishes and best efforts to avoid it are contaminated by Monsanto seed. Once we win protection from the court we will have won the practical ability to recover damages inflicted upon us. And in that way we can protect the integrity of organic crops for our families and our customers.
    Jim Gerritsen, President
    Organic Seed Growers and Trade Assn

  15. Elpee says:

    Soylent Green is people…IT’S PEOPLE!

  16. Mark H. says:

    I’m not sure if someone has already made this comment but doesn’t it make more sense that the organic farmers could sue Monsanto every time one of their GM seeds grew on their land!!!! (instead of the other way around)

  17. Suzanne says:

    If there is pure evil in this world, its name is Monsanto

  18. The article was excellent but it did however get mixed up on one point. We have 83 plaintiffs which include family farmers, seed companies and farm organizations. The combined number of members among all the plaintiffs exceeds 270,000 and that includes several thousand certified organic farmers.
    We are challenging the validity of Monsanto’s transgenic patents. We are waging this battle to protect everyone’s right to choice now and in the future, so that you retain the ability to feed your families real authentic food and are not denied that choice by Monsanto’s monopolistic practices.
    Please help spread the words and thanks so much for everyone’s support.
    Jim Gerritsen, President
    Organic Seed Growers and Trade Assn

    • admin says:

      Jim, thank you very much for the corrected information.
      We salute your efforts to protect everyone’s freedom and right to choose what we put in our bodies. This is the most basic of human rights. We stand with the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Assn and would like to thank you and everyone in your organization for what you’re doing for all of us.

  19. Trashisfree says:

    They need to sue Monsanto for contaminating their crops and drastically lowering the value of their crops. Their no longer organic crop is drastically lowered in value.

  20. Vikki D. says:

    The bee keepers also need to be suing Monsanto. They need to join with the farmers..the bees are also dying because of their infected growing produce.

  21. SCOD is supporting you by sharing your communications with others. We are not afraid to defend the rights of organic agriculture against the industrial complex.

  22. Robert says:

    It’s about time enough people are doing something to stop Monsanto. Unfortunately it’s getting worse not better. The administration just announced that another Monsanto Exec has been appointed as Senior Adviser to the commissioner of the FDA.

  23. Rafael Diranzo says:

    All my support for your fight against Monsanto, from Spain

  24. I hope Monsanto goes down in flames….and takes all its genetically modified seeds with it! It’s just a matter of time. Support organic farming as much as you can….your dollars will either keep them in business or hang them out to dry. The time is now….choose wisely America!

    Yours in health,
    Demetra Vagias MD,ND

  25. Isn’t it sad that it’s come to this, where people have to fight to grow food organically, the way nature intended but on the flip side, it’s great to see a fight like this against an unethical organisation.

    Best of luck to the farmers!

  26. Mon??? Who? Bye, Bye, Monstinko!

  27. Alan says:

    Monsanto is nothing but a criminal organization,IMO.

  28. LEH says:

    that is just plain scary…..

  29. Matthew says:

    It looks like Facebook is censoring this article. It does not allow this article to be posted in the news feed. I saw it briefly, posted by a friend, then in vanished. I reposted it. It showed up in news feed for a few seconds, then was deleted. It still shows on my wall but not on news feed. Facebook does not want this information shared. As a test I posted “Monsanto and Facebook suck” Withing seconds that live was also deleted from news feed. Apparently the key work is “Monsanto”. They seem to have control over the message so no one hears about this.

  30. Greg Kemp says:

    This lawsuit is great news. We live in Guatemala where GMO corn seeds are given out free, not telling people about them. It’s time to bring down this giant once and for all.

  31. TABOO says:

    Why don’t the farmers take the initiative and sue Monsanto for contaminating their crops before Monsanto can sue them for patent infringement? Use something like it being a danger to public safety because the seeds from Monsanto are not organic and are genetically modified

  32. tiger lee says:

    Yes,time to fight back…
    It rediculous of seed patterning as is created by god.
    Let’s Support them…

  33. Ana says:

    It’s just not right what Monsanto is doing. It’s our right to eat organic food.

  34. Sam Perniskie says:

    i am so rapt to see this occuring, i was very afriad after watching food inc, king corn, and other similar docos that the agricultural situation in america (dispite fantastic growth in orgainic and slow food movements) was in very dire straights indeed! awesome to see people standing up for what they believe in and fighting back!! good luck guys! what you do often flows on and affects the rest of the world, so i hope you win!

  35. mark meyer says:

    “It’s a matter of education. If people know about the benefits of organic food and the risks of non-organic and GMO food, they can make an informed choice. I choose organic food every chance I get”

    The fact is, you (we) are a minority in this country. Most people do not really care about these issues. What kind of seed is used? Get real! It has no immediate bearing on most people’s lives, thus it is irrelevant to them.

    What I’d like to know is what the heck ever happened to anti-trust laws and enforcement? Remember Standard Oil? Where are the court justices who will break up Monsanto?

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Mark. We’re with you on organics!

      There’s is a lot to be said for the influence our financial system has. Publicly traded corporations are ultimately controlled by Wall Street and the company stockholders.

  36. Hrisztosz Joresz says:

    Organic food is our right! If Monsanto gets their way, what’s next …the air we breath will be owned by a multinational corporation?

    • Noel G says:

      I’m sure water is next on the hit list if people continue to buy it bottled. Just do a search on “bottled water aquifer depletion”.

  37. Ron Castle says:

    Monsanto is beyond evil. I hope the 270,000 get a million a piece. Taking Monsanto apart might be the best thing that ever happens to agriculture.

  38. Tamara says:

    Very exciting, but just wondering where the “270,000 organic farmers” figure comes from. I am seeing figures in cross-referenced articles between 60 and 85 farmers involved in the March 2011 filing…. Thanks!

  39. ja says:

    and monsanto would solve out as always, giving some little money (compared to its benefits) to the court members or just sometimes to the growers/farmers? is that how we solve unfair and unethical behaviour?
    i dont like.
    is that also the democracy that we would like to have? or is just oligarchy of really few people gettin richer and richer just because politics have to act on behalf of the financial market?
    And as i dont want that…. letś change it~!!

  40. murli says:

    What about the farmers that Monsanto has already sued and put out of business? I would really love to see them reimbursed!

  41. VonB says:

    About time. Down with Monsanto and their poison and greed.

  42. RICARDO says:

    We should be suing them for contaminating our crops with their un ethical standards.

  43. meh says:

    this actually is a really big deal – they are selling seedless growing plants in India that are putting farms out of business with an unsustainable crop – look into this, having just a free breeds of each plant is cause for disaster – ever heard of the lumpar potato…?

  44. meh says:

    It’s easy, just have your armed ranch hands walk the property line and let the monsanto come tank your crops…

    • whatev says:

      Except that Monsanto purchased the infamous Blackwater mercenary group through a subsidiary of the company. What would Monsanto need with it’s own private army?

  45. Cindy says:

    I am so happy to hear that the family farmers are fighting back! It is scary to think that there’s a possibility of heirloom seeds disappearing and even scarier to think that a corporation could potentially control the food supply. I buy organic as much as I can and I try to grow my own vegetables as well. There is a very good documentary on the same topic called The Future of Food (thefutureoffood.com) if anyone wants to check it out, they go into explaining how GM seeds come to be and how the use of pesticides have increased dramatically in the recent years, it’s definitely worth watching.

  46. Shabba says:

    So they finally got some nuts. It took long enough.

  47. Jesse Taylor says:

    The lawsuits should be the other way around where the organic farmer needs to be able to sue Monsanto for contaminating his crops. If a field is contaminated with Monsanto patented ‘life’ then it can no longer be considered organic. Since organic is a point of marketing these days. It would seem to me that it is the organic farmer that is the victim here twice over, not just because of the threat of lawsuit, but because of the contamination in the first place.

  48. Rebecca says:

    The Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit against Monsanto, is accepting donations. Donation money goes directly towards funding the lawsuit, as well as PR for helping to get the word out to the public.

    Here’s the link to donate: http://www.osgata.org/support-osgata

  49. Leslie says:

    I want to send money!! take these f*#&ers out!

  50. Stuart Krantz says:

    No company should be allowed to control any foodstuff. There’s nothing wrong with capitalism but when they control a food market, I call that predatory capitalism. That’s taking a healthy appreciation and outlook of business just a tad too far. We must support policies that are good for people and not for business. We allow this issue to occur at our folly.

    • glimcrose says:

      You couldn’t be more right Stuart!

      The very first time they began to introduce the title ‘ORGANIC’ before a product’s name, i knew we were in trouble!

      “Should there ever be another way to grow food crops but organically?”

      “And does it mean that a larger %age of the food products in our markets are synthetic, more so are we actually suppose to be content with that!”

      “I found fruits with no seeds in them in some countries i’ve visited, very sad”.

      Having control of who can grow food crops and who can’t is merely another clever way to subject people to total monarchy.

      • Jill says:

        Uhh, I don’t disagree that Monsanto is evil incarnate, but it’s actually normal for fruits to have no seeds. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. I’m an apple grower and it just depends on the year. Cold springs seem to lead to more seedless fruit. Certain varieties absolutely will not set fruit without viable seed (Empire, for example), others will produce big beautiful fruit without seeds (Gala). It’s not sad, it’s cool! Plants are amazing!

    • Softwear says:

      There’s nothing wrong with capitalism? Dude, you’re not paying attention. This IS capitalism. Capitalism puts profits first, and people second. That is its mandate, it has no choice but to operate that way. Moreover, it usually has to put short-term profits over long-term ones. Monsanto isn’t an exception. It’s the rule.

      • tyler says:

        @ Software:


        The current money system of abuse that we accept and allow as ourselves is exploitative at it’s very constitution: it transforms the living energy (life) into profit.

        = $ 4 All is the future

      • John says:

        Capitalism run by government interests, measured by government organizations, protected by government guns and controlled by government regulations is what puts profits first. Show me anywhere that isn’t crony capitalism and runs like this and you might have a point. Simple example: patenting GENES is enforced by the GOVERNMENT, not by the market.

        Centralization is the enemy, not free markets.

  51. R. Olson says:

    If you put up a site where I can send money to help count me in! After watching Food Inc. I think we need to help the small guy who is not trying to hurt anyone…just make a decent living.

    • admin says:

      Thank you. We really want to see the small farmers succeed too.

    • Stephen says:

      I totally agree, in the IT world we have the free software foundation that steps up to defend the “little guy’s”. I’d love to see an organization who’s mission was to raise funds and help support our hard working organic farmers… Anybody out there with the broad shoulders to take that on?

    • Victoria says:

      R Olsen, you might be interested in the Cornucopia Institute; “Seeking economic justice for the family-scale farming community. Through research, advocacy, and economic development our goal is to empower farmers – partnered with consumers – in support of ecologically produced local, organic and authentic food.”

      They would be happy to receive donations:

    • Steve says:

      You should also consider watching the excellent French documentary “The World According to Monsanto”.

      As long as anyone other than Ron Paul is in the white house, Monsanto’s reign of GMO-terror on the food chain will continue. The open door policy between Monsanto and the FDA, USDA and Supreme Court as well as various DA offices goes back through several presidents.

    • Julie says:

      They have a link to Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) right there at the end of the article & you can donate on their page: http://www.osgata.org/support-osgata
      I just donated also 🙂

    • jami says:

      Another good place to donate is the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund. While it is not specifically designed for victims of GMO trespassing, it does provide for small farmers who are being bullied, harrassed and attacked by greedy power hungry corporations and the gov’t agencies they’ve pocketed.

    • David says:

      To support the farmers in court, you can donate directly to them: http://www.osgata.org/support-osgata

      To support a world in which more and more organic farms are possible, you might be interested in attending the Slow Money National Gathering coming up in San Francisco, this October 12-14th. I’m going! Check it out: http://www.slowmoney.org/national-gathering/

  52. It’s so frustrating that the little guy in our country always suffers at the hands of the big organization. I hope in this case, the band of Davids can defeat this evil goliath finally.

    It’s a matter of education. If people know about the benefits of organic food and the risks of non-organic and GMO food, they can make an informed choice. I choose organic food every chance I get.

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