Less than $5 an OZ? Legalizing Marijuana In Washington And Colorado Could Decrease Cost For Users

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3 Responses

  1. john balcer says:

    I fear that marijuana will be produced similar to cigarettes with chemicals and other bullshit that ruins the point of smoking weed. People will probably have to grow themselves for that pleasure of natural cannabis.

    • Bill says:

      I agree that there’s a high potential for chemicals and every other type of contamination. Testing services are already looking for PGR’s and other nasties in meds. Hopefully, the ongoing reality of people being able to grow themselves and independent testing services will go a long way keep the garbage out of the meds.

    • I doubt that highly. There may be adulterated cannabis on the market. But I feel there will be a very large market for pure cannabis. The market for pure tobacco is very small.

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